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A Great Job Post Is The First Move

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Author Lance LeFort is sought out by leaders in Animation, VFX, Video Games, and Digital Entertainment who recognize the need to attract the industry’s best talent. Through LeFort Talent Group’s extensive network of relationships and their “deep dive” qualification process, they are able to identify and secure individuals who represent the top tier of professionals.

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A Great Job Post Is The First Move

Start Your Hiring Process Off Right with a Great Job Post

Start Your Hiring Process Off Right with a Great Job Post

The first step in the hiring process is posting the vacancy. Whether the position is newly open or newly created, the job posting can be the make-or-break point of hiring smart. The job posting begins your organization’s relationship with the candidate. It is your first impression, which determines what type of candidate you attract.

Think of your job posting as an advertisement for a product. That product is the open position. Create desire and interest by describing more than just the job itself. Grab the candidate’s attention and interest by selling the company culture and work environment. Use the AIDA model in your post - attention, interest, desire, action.

Many hiring managers are eager to attract the best talent with the least amount of effort. Yes, time is of the essence when you need to fill an open position. It is important to remember that the candidate’s time is equally precious. Top talent will not respond to postings that appear fake, require lots of work to apply for, or seem too good to be true.

To avoid having your job posting seem fake, include a phone number. This instills trust and confidence with the candidate. Many hiring managers will argue that posting a phone number will prompt a flood of phone calls. This is not the case. It will simply show the candidate that you are a real company, with a real opportunity, and are open to calls with questions. In many cases, those candidates who do call could be your top choices because they are invested in learning more about the organization and position.

Keep your application process easy and candidate-friendly. Candidates do not appreciate having to submit their resume and cover letter, in addition to completing a lengthy online application that asks essentially the same information. Top talent will not complete “homework” in order to apply for the position. They are also turned-off when required to disclose their salary requirements.

Some of the best talent out there are passive candidates. These candidates can be elusive, but not impossible to find. Most can be found at conferences or industry seminars. About 15% of all job seekers reach out through their personal network first. Involve your team in seeking out your next best hire.

Hiring smart begins with the job post. Make sure your post creates desire and interest by describing not only the position, but the company culture as well. Make the application process easy and remember that your next best hire might be someone within you or your team’s personal network.​ If you want to hire top talent, then you need to know how to quickly attract their attention within your job posting. Keep reading to learn the keys to success in creating a job posting that attracts the best candidates in the industry.

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