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Reference Checks Done Right

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Author Lance LeFort is sought out by leaders in Animation, VFX, Video Games, and Digital Entertainment who recognize the need to attract the industry’s best talent. Through LeFort Talent Group’s extensive network of relationships and their “deep dive” qualification process, they are able to identify and secure individuals who represent the top tier of professionals.

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Reference Checks Done Right

Do not make the mistake of hiring someone without first checking their references.

Do not make the mistake of hiring someone without first checking their references. In order to get a solid overall picture of who it is that you are hiring, it is important to include references in developing that picture. Keep reading to learn why reference checks are imperative to the hiring process.

Reference Checks Done Right

Reference checks are an important way to reduce the risk of making a bad hire. In fact, it is the number one way to avoid a mis-hire. It seems that many organizations have stopped performing this vital step in the hiring process. Whether it is because there is too much reliance upon assessments and checking up on candidates through their social media accounts, not performing a thorough reference check is a huge mistake.

Part of a successful hiring process consists of a process for reference checks. This process can include looking at a candidate’s social media and LinkedIn accounts. However, doing so can create bias, so it is best that the final decision-maker not perform this task.

When checking references, the goal is to understand the type of relationship the candidate had with former colleagues and managers. These relationships are very important. The relationships with their colleagues show how they work in a team environment. The relationships they had with former managers are very telling of their work ethic. The length of these relationships are also important and will give you a better idea of the candidate as a person.

A reference check can be thought of as another way of assessing the candidate’s fit for the position. It is a way to determine how the candidate will succeed in the organization’s culture.

Some great questions to ask include:

•  How does the candidate relate to others, especially in stressful situations?
•  What are the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses?
•  What is the best way to manage the candidate?
•  Would you rehire them?

Asking great questions that will help uncover even more insight on the candidate will allow you to determine if they are the best person for the position. It can also be the most important determining factor if two or more candidates are frontrunners for the position. How people talk about a person when they are not present is usually the most honest information one can obtain.

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